Yes, Buddhism can heal ADHD

 I asked a monk if with Buddhism I could heal ADHD, he told me that nothing is going to get healed by focusing on the healing, because what I was implying was that there was a desire to be healed. From what I could understand in his words, we have to stop giving power to labels and start seeing things for what they are, for example, someone may say he's clinically depressed, then he becomes clinically depressed, why?

Because he's making sure that he is clinically depressed, he's constantly repeating it. This literally made me remember of the law of attraction, something that I thought that Buddhism didn't have anything to do with it, but in the end it seems to me that it does... Well, actually everything has to do with the law of attraction, and Buddhism wouldn't be an exception, what I referred by "I didn't think Buddhism has something to do with the law of attraction" was the fact that Buddhism isn't treated as a spiritualistic philosophy, it is treated as a science.

Back to the subject: The solution lies into seeing things for what they actually are, with clarity. If we're overthinking we can say to ourselves "THINKING Thinking thinking thinkin...." (Starts a bit loud and ends up a bit low), same goes for being anxious (ANXIOUS, Anxious, anxious.....), until our mind gets calm, it seems to me that what he said is that we have to accept how we are in the moment and then let go, this way we can improve, and I can attest part of this, as I've been practicing vipassana meditation for a while, my focus today is not perfect, but compared to what it used to be it surely increased.

Also, I could find out that other problems that I had, and some that I still have, aren't/were not related to "ADHD", what only made attest more than I already had that ADHD is only a label created to keep people ill in their minds and sell drugs to them.

ADHD, as well as many other labels, are things created by a multimillionaire industry that has no interest whatsoever into helping people to get rid of their suffering, all they care about is to keep people in fear to extract the most (their money) out of them.

It seems to me that the problem in my case is mostly about anxiety, fear of not being able to accomplish tasks within a certain time span (what I believe is a problem that comes from childhood), overthinking and even boredom, also some other things that I prefer not to say.

I believe that the monk meant that Buddhism can "heal" ADHD because what it does is solving the emotional problems, and if you're "ADHD" you may already know that every single person with "ADHD" has deep rooted emotional problems that first arose in childhood and were not properly addressed, or not addressed at all.

I also remember seeing/reading somewhere that ADHD is something that we invented in our lives to start escaping reality, since we have had really harsh problems every since the early life, so we created some type of safe haven inside our heads to serve us as a escape goat, it's like "This is something pretty hard to do, it's too painful, I'm going to do something else that makes me forget about this pain" or another example, someone that was emotionally abused ever since he or she was a kid, and that person didn't know how to deal with the problems, then... ADHD started to happen...

Anyway, going deep into ourselves is the solution to start fixing this annoyance that "specialists" call ADHD. Acceptance is the first step for a healing. First accept that you're attached to the idea that you created a problem in your life, then start to let it go, then go deeper and deeper into the meditation practice, you'll eventually find out the nature of your problems and how to solve them, yes, this is not just for ADHD.

The more you bring yourself to the present, to the moment happening now, the more your focus will increase, the less of an ADHD problem you'll have.

I also suggest you to raise your vibration with whatever tools that you have, you can pray for Jesus, you can use the power of the subconscious mind, you can use third eye meditation, do whatever you can to heal your emotional baggage, the more you go deeper, the more you'll start living in the now, the less distracted you'll be, the more you'll start accepting your new identity: which is completely free of an ADHD thing.

I hope this can be of help to someone else.